09. Yoga - Savasana - Relax your mind and body

'Savasana means 'corpus' in Sanskrit. By keeping both body and mind still while being fully aware, you learn to relax.

Your conscious relaxation invigorates and refreshes both body and mind. It can help you to be more aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions. And it is very practical to be able to master in meetings - especially under pressure.

You listen to the audio file ‘savasana’. Sava means a corpse in Sanskrift. In relaxation the body lies still as a corpse and the mind is at peace.

Lay down on the back on the floor with a blanket or a pillow under the head. Rest your arms slightly away from your body with the palms up. If you are unable to rest on the floor you can sit on a chair with the palms resting on the thighs allowing you to lift the spine up.

Close your eyes and turn the gaze inward and downward.

Relax the eyelids – relax the cheeks – relax the jaws – swallow once allowing the tongue to rest in the mouth.

Relax the neck.

Relax the arms.

Relax the right arm – relax the left arm.

Relax the stomach – let the stomach sink against the spine – relax the entire stomach.

Relax the legs – relax the right leg – relax the left leg – relax both legs.

Relax the feet – relax the right food – relax the left food – relax both feet.

Relax the entire body.

Take a slow inhalation followed by a slow exhalation.

If the mind wanders let go of your thoughts when you exhale and keep your attention on your body.

Relax the entire body and allow the body to sink into the ground if you are laying on the floor.

Let go of the tensions you may have.

Keep the breathing normal. Make it quiet.

Stay quietly with normal breathings for some minutes now on your own.

To come back to the present slightly move your arms and legs.

Then slowly open your eyes.

If you lay down on the floor, bend your legs turn to the right side and stay there for a short while.

When you are ready then get up.
09. Yoga - Savasana - Relax your mind and body
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