About Nina Albrektsen and Mirja Bang

Nina Albrektsen:
Nina Albrektsen holds a master in pharmacy, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. She has more than 20 years of working experience from the pharmaceutical industry, working with highly complex processes and competency development.

She is also an international certified ICC Executive Coach, ICC Stress and Life Coach, and NLP Business Practitioner. Nina is passionate about helping people become aware of and use their full potential for better lives and professional careers.

Nina has more than a decade of coaching experience and has specialised in helping her clients obtain an increased level of inner awareness of own thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Awareness and reflection are the 21st century most important skills especially among leaders and busy employees. With her vast knowledge within this field, Nina provides her clients tools to strengthen their reflection capabilities enabling them to better cope with the complexities of change at work and to act effectively on these.

For the past many years, Nina has studied and practised Iyengar® Yoga and is an internationally certified Iyengar® Yoga teacher. Awareness and focus are two important elements in Iyengar® Yoga. She guides her students safely through yoga poses and breathing exercises increasing their inner consciousness essential for managing ones’ ability to reflect and focus. The breathing exercises will not only increase reflection capabilities but also develop an efficient and high-performing mind that you can benefit from at work.
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Mirja Bang:
Mirja Bang is an author, speaker and strategic sparring partner for extremely busy managers. She has worked in high growth companies for more than 20 years and specialises in 'busyness at work'.

Mirja is on a mission for changing the way we perceive and spend our time at work. Through her daily work, where she teaches and guides how to manage business in a demanding and complex everyday life, she has realised that the fastest way to get more time is through our brain. Not another time-management system.

Since 2008, Mirja has closely followed new discoveries of neuroscience, and she has included her new knowledge about the brain in her work as a manager in both large and small growth companies. Today she uses this knowledge to develop methods and models to create more time and take care of our busy brain, and she guides, teaches and writes books about the methods. It is clear that when busy managers and employees get more time, it has a direct positive effect on financial results, job satisfaction, well-being, performance, stress-management, sleep, etc.

Mirja holds an E-MBA, MMT - Master in Management of Technology from the Technical University of Denmark. She is an internationally certified Neuroscience Coach from the Neuroscience Coaching Center in London, ICC Executive Coach from Lambent International, Stakeholder Centered Coach from the Marshall Goldsmith SCC Centre, ESaC Emotional Skills and Competences from the Paul Ekman Group, etc.

When her first book was translated into English, she was invited to Dr. Marshall Goldsmith's personal network, which gathers 350 top managers, thought leaders, top business thinkers and leadership coaches who meet regularly to discuss leadership across industries as well as new and old methodologies. There are 18,000 on the waiting list to join this exclusive network, and members are personally invited to join the network. The Brain Fable will be published in October 2022.
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