08. Yoga - Tadasana - Stand strong like a mountain

'Tadasana' means 'mountain' in Sanskrit. A mountain stands safe and upright and does not topple in stormy weather. 

You listen to the audio file ‘tadasana’ which means mountain in Sanskrit.

Stand erect with your feet together.

Spread your toes flat on the floor.

Ensure you distribute your body weight evenly on your toes and heels so you are well grounded.

Tighten your thigh muscles.

Lift up the front of your body.

Pull the tailbone down.

Lift up your spine.

Spread your chest by rolling the shoulder blades back and down.

Pull your chin in to ensure your neck is an extension of your spine.

Look straight ahead.

Keep your arms by the side of your body so your palms facing your thighs.

Now you stand erect, quiet, and strong like a mountain.

You can benefit from this strength and power at your next meeting especially if you expect to be challenged and under pressure.
08. Yoga - Tadasana - Stand strong like a mountain
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