04. Fast reflection between meetings: Enter your next meeting with curiosity and overview

Between meetings - Fast reflection: Start your next meeting well - with curiosity and overview
Welcome to reflection on the go with 3 quick questions for entering your next meeting with curiosity and overview. 
The first seconds of every meeting can be crucial for the outcome of the entire meeting.
Therefore, it is a good idea to choose your appearance and style before you enter the room.
(The questions start 1,00 minute into the audio-reflection.)
The reflection no. 3 with the same title "On entering the meeting with curiosity and overview" is a more thorough reflection. 
This reflection (that you listen to right now) is for you when you have short time between your meetings and just need to tune in to be emotionally prepared for the next meeting. 
When you can manage your own feelings, it is also easier to cope with other people's feelings.
This approach makes it easier for you to keep the overview and increase your impact in the meeting.
Here are 3 questions for reflection before your next meeting:
  • Which meeting are you entering and what is your goal with the meeting?
  • Which signals do you want to send in the meeting that fit your goal?
  • Which mood will you show when you enter the meeting? 
  • Will you be calm, strong, open, focused on a specific area, irritated, optimistic, pessimistic, glad, or just neutral?
Remember to stay curios about the emotions in the room. Both your own and the other people’s emotions.
Straighten your back, relax your shoulders, smile a discrete and calm smile - and repeat your mood in your thoughts on the way to the meeting: "I am ... and then you insert your choice of mood". Calm, brave, curious, happy, angry...
I wish you a good meeting.
04. Fast reflection between meetings: Enter your next meeting with curiosity and overview
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