01. Morning reflection

Good morning and welcome to reflection on the go.

This is your morning reflection, and you can use it at home to make a good start of your day, or you can use it at work just before you start working, or you can listen to it on the way to work.
When you own the morning, you own the day. Therefore, your thoughts on the way to work are extremely important and can actually help you create a good day.
(The questions for reflection start 2.27 minutes into the audio file. Learn more about your posture on the Yoga Reflection 'Tadasana'.)
Approximately 95% of our thoughts run in circles. These are the same thoughts we thought an hour ago as well as yesterday and last week and last year - unless we do something about them.
And this is what we can do with the remaining 5% of our thoughts. This is when we are conscious of our thoughts.
When you decide what to think with your conscious mind, and when you repeat those thoughts over and over again, then you will begin to influence the 95% of your unconscious thoughts. 
Your new thoughts create new neuronal tracks in your brain, and therefore you can actually change the shape of your brain with your thoughts.
And your brain is connected to your body. Your thoughts will automatically affect your behaviour, as well as your body language, your tone of voice and your facial expressions.

You act as you think. And you become what you think.

A famous Henry Ford quote goes like this: "Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right."
This morning reflection is meant to jump start your reflection – so you start the day with thoughts that will improve your day.

Use these questions to reflect on your day. Take your time, if you feel like reflecting carefully between each question.  You may stop the audio file after some of the questions. Sometimes one single question is enough for your entire morning commute.
You will know which questions that are most powerful for your situation, if you repeat the morning reflection a few times a week, and thereby become good at working consciously with your morning thoughts.

Questions for your Morning Reflection:

Who would you like to make happy today?
What is your intention for the day?
What is important to you today?
What will you prioritize?
How will you prioritize?
What will you do a little differently today than you usually do?
What is the most important message to communicate today?
How do you want your voice to sound today?
What will you show with your body language today?
If you want a technique to express strength, grounding and confidence with your posture, then listen to the Yoga reflection 'Tadasana'. 'Tadasana' means 'mountain' in Sanskrit. A mountain stands safely and upright and does not topple over in stormy weather.


Thank yourself for starting your day with your morning reflection. 
When you own the morning, you own the day.
I wish you a wonderful day.
01. Morning reflection
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